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Maintenance services are essential for every HVAC equipment for appropriate and accurate functioning. A professional expert is always there for you, but here are some tips from our experienced experts that you can use to maintain your system in the best condition. Contact Us Today for Heating Service in Piqua, Sidney, Troy, OH, and Surrounding Areas.

How To Maintain Your Household Heating System?

Our experts have prepared a maintenance checklist that should help you when a heating service technician comes to your residence for maintenance service. Based on distribution technology, the heating systems are broadly classified into two categories: forced air and hydronic.

  • Forced Air Systems

Forced heating appliances warm the air and transport it to different corners to increase the temperature. A checklist for the forced air system is:

    1. Clean or replace the filter bi-annually
    2. Check the ductwork for holes, gaps, mould, or loosened pipes
    3. Clean the dust and soot in the combustion chamber
    4. Inspect the blower belt for any worn or wreck signs
    5. Clean the registers and ductwork from time to time
  • Hydronic Heating System

A hydronic heating system, on the other side, transforms water into steam or high-temperature water and uses it as a medium to heat the room. The heating service maintenance for this system are:

    1. Get the water temperature and pressure checked by a professional
    2. Drain and flush out the sediments
    3. Release the air trapped inside the radiators
    4. Clean the radiator surface and baseboard heater fins
    5. Lubricate the circulating pump for smooth running
    6. Clean the soot from the boiler’s combustion chamber

Why Do Maintenance Services Prevent Expensive Repairs?

According to our heating service experts, the essential thing that hinders the healing process and hampers the components is dust and dirt particles. Maintenance services clean the dust and other needless matter accumulated on the surface so that they do not interfere with the heating parts working.

Maintenance services aim to keep up the condition of the HVAC system. Maintenance services have many benefits other than saving costly expenses on unnecessary repairs. They are:

  • Untimely breakdown of the HVAC system
  • Increase in electricity bills or fuel expenses
  • Receive better quality services for the entire season
  • Decreases the health issues risks because of dust and dirt
  • You get a decent value in turn for your old system during replacement

What Are Some Common Heating System Problems That Maintenance Services Keep Away? ​

Timely maintenance and heating service will keep the following problems at bay from your heating system:

  • Less air blowing from the vents and ducts
  • The heating system blows cool air instead of warm air
  • Burning smell from due to electrical issues or tripping down of the fuse
  • The heating system cannot incorporate the changes you made in the thermostat settings
  • Cold spot and warm spot issues in the house
  • Short cycling issues or continuous running of the heating system
  • Excess moisture or dry air issues in residence

The main benefit of maintenance service is that you do not have to worry about the heating system breaking down. Call Burkett’s Heating & Cooling at (937) 773-8350 to hire a professional expert for heating services and all HVAC-related issues.

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