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Furnace Maintenance in Piqua, Sidney, Troy, OH, and Surrounding Areas

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No household can imagine going through the winter season without a properly working furnace. The furnace should be efficient enough to heat your home this season, and Burkett’s Heating & Cooling will help you ensure efficiency levels through furnace maintenance. Contact Us Today for Furnace Maintenance in Piqua, Sidney, Troy, OH, and Surrounding Areas.

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Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

Furnace maintenance is the best way to ensure your furnace will work this winter. Contacting a professional technician to maintain your furnace before the beginning of the winter season will provide you with many benefits in the long run:

  • Maintaining your furnace will ensure that your monthly energy bills remain in control
  • Annual maintenance reduces the number of annual repair jobs your furnace will need during this working cycle
  • Your furnace will work efficiently for more years than average
  • Your indoor air quality will remain high, meaning you will face lesser breathing problems
  • Annual maintenance also ensures that the system works with higher safety levels and does not pose threats like carbon monoxide leakage
  • You may break the furnace warranty if you do not contact a professional technician for annual furnace maintenance

Steps Involved In Furnace Maintenance

When you contact a technician to maintain your furnace, you should know what steps they will follow to ensure it works properly. Here is a small checklist that you should know regarding steps in furnace maintenance:

  • Your technician will replace and clean the air filters for better indoor air quality
  • They will clean important parts like flame sensors and burners to ensure no ignition problems
  • They will inspect the carbon monoxide detector to safeguard you from carbon monoxide leakages
  • They will lubricate moving parts like inducer fans and the blower to ensure they do not face damage due to excessive working
  • They will clean air registers, humidifiers, and ductwork to avoid cloggings
  • They will ensure your thermostat is working efficiently

Problems Due To Ignoring Furnace Maintenance

You may avoid the maintenance bill as you may feel it is not worth your money. However, by ignoring the annual maintenance, you are putting yourself and your family members at greater risk:

  • No annual maintenance increases the chances of carbon monoxide leakages, a harmful gas if inhaled too much
  • Due to no annual maintenance, you may face breathing issues, rashes, skin irritation, and eye burning
  • Your home is at a greater risk of fire hazards as no annual maintenance means that the safety checks of your furnace are not upto date
  • You invite more repair jobs for your furnace by ignoring maintenance
  • The decreased lifespan of your furnace and increased monthly energy bills are common

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Irrespective of the model type, you can trust us with your furnace. We are punctual and will arrive to provide you with only the best HVAC services. Our team believes in complete honesty and transparency with our clients.

Contact us to know more about furnace maintenance. Our customer care desk will guide you through our working process.

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