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After a long summer, some of us have concerns regarding our HVAC system and whether it will work properly or not during the colder season. The proper functioning of a furnace is essential during winter. If you are experiencing heating issues or need a unit repair immediately, call certified experts that can get back to you with quality, speed, and precision. Contact Us Today for Furnace Repair in Piqua, Sidney, Troy, OH, and Surrounding Areas.

Furnace Service

Introduction To Furnace And Repairs

A malfunctioning furnace puts your house or business at risk of fire. So, if you face such an issue, don’t wait. Seek professional help for furnace repair right away. A furnace heats the air circulating in your house by an HVAC system. The thermostat has a direct connection with the furnace. Thus, changes in the thermostat trigger a furnace to turn off or on.

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair.

The signs your furnace needs repair are as follows:

  • Furnace’s Age: A replacement is suggested if the furnace’s age is above 15 years. However, It can solve any malfunction via furnace repair.
  • Unpleasant Smell: A strong smell of fuel may suggest furnace issues. It is advisable to contact an HVAC technician to solve the issue.
  • The problem in starting the unit: This is due to the furnace’s age, which triggers issues in turning on the unit. Repairing the furnace may solve this issue.
  • Insufficient Heat: If the furnace cannot produce heat, it is recommended to schedule furnace repair.
  • Hike in Electricity Bill: Even if you notice a short hike in the electricity bill or strange noise from the furnace, don’t hesitate to call an HVAC expert team. Furnace repair will ensure your safety and improve the system’s efficiency.

Advantages of Furnace Repairs

Furnace repairs offer different benefits, such as:

  • Effective Heating
  • Lower energy use and fuel costs
  • Longevity of the system
  • Improved indoor air quality

The Total Cost Of A Furnace And A Replacement

The cost for furnace replacement varies from approximately $2500-$6500. Installing a new furnace is a significant investment. It decreases frequent repairing of the unit, saves energy, and reduces electricity bills.

The cost is approximately $250-$550 for replacing the central board of the furnace. However, the price varies based on the furnace’s age and the central board’s price.

Replace or Repair Your Furnace?

If you find the following reasons, it is advisable to repair your furnace rather than replace it:

  • Furnace is new
  • Furnace efficiently heats your home
  • The furnace did not require frequent repairs

If you have maintained your furnace properly and it runs efficiently, you need not worry about furnace replacement. Schedule service to know more about it.

Qualified HVAC Experts For Furnace Repair In Your Locality

You might want to hire a technician for your furnace repairs and other HVAC unit services. Burkett’s Heating & Cooling includes a mobile team of trained and skilled HVAC technicians to respond to furnace repair across Piqua, Troy, Sidney, Ohio, and surrounding areas.

Contact us to get a broad idea about our services. We provide services on weekdays and emergency services on weekends.

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