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An air conditioner is a must-have for summer since it keeps your house cool and inviting. People turn to their AC systems to keep cool and comfortable as soon as the summer months arrive. AC service and maintenance are just as essential for the optimal performance of your AC unit. Contact Us Today for AC Service in Piqua, Sidney, Troy, OH, and Surrounding Areas.

AC Service

Your cooling system will run more efficiently and maybe last longer if it is serviced regularly. It is a common misconception among homeowners that they can save money by cleaning their air conditioners on their own because they cannot do a thorough cleaning and inspection of the whole system.

You will want to hire a professional to assist you at this stage. The best season for AC service is in the early spring. You should make it a point to get your air conditioner serviced at least once yearly. It safeguards the gadget from any harm that might come the way.

How To Know Whether Your Air Conditioner Needs To Be Serviced?

Maintaining the efficiency of your air conditioning equipment requires regular air conditioner cleaning or air conditioning system maintenance. AC service is needed in some circumstances before the next scheduled maintenance.

Even with regular upkeep, your air conditioner still has the potential to fail. Here are a few signs that your air conditioner needs to be repaired:

  • Increasing costs of electricity
  • Insufficient cooling
  • Frequent repairs
  • Quality of indoor air
  • Noisy system
  • Strange smells or odors

What Is Included In AC Servicing?

Over time, the air conditioner’s efficiency may degrade due to various problems. Homeowners should take care of their air conditioners to get the most out of them. Here is a rundown of everything that must be done while performing AC service.

  • Repair or replace the air filters
  • Coil cleaning, both inside and outside
  • Check the condensate pump for any issues
  • Inspecting the thermostat
  • Looking for any leakages
  • Checking ductwork
  • Examining the wires

What Happens If I Don't Have My AC Serviced?

When it comes to air conditioners, regular maintenance is just as important as it is for any other mechanical system. An air conditioner’s workings are essential to know why you should make a service call.

Once it has gone through the system, the air conditioning unit removes the humidity and heated air from the surrounding area, resulting in fresh and healthy air for the occupants. Over time, dirt and dust build up in the air conditioner’s filter.

The air conditioner will have to work harder if the filters are not cleaned, washed, and vacuumed regularly. Consequently, the user may have to adjust the temperature to achieve the same cooling effect constantly. These would only lead to an increase in energy use and utility costs.

Burkett’s Heating & Cooling can assist you if you require a reliable and reasonably priced air conditioning company. Our AC service plans help you get the most out of your air conditioner while avoiding unexpected repair costs and high energy bills. Make an appointment or learn more about what we can do for you by contacting us at (937) 773-8350.

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