Furnace Not Igniting: 7 Common Causes & How You Can Fix It

Furnaces have proven to be one of the most reliable heating systems. However, that doesn’t mean they’ll always work as you wish. Like every mechanical device, they are susceptible to periodic breakdowns. When your furnace isn’t functioning, try DIY troubleshooting before calling our heating installation expert in Sidney, OH, to fix it.

The Reasons Why The Furnace Isn't Sparking, And Troubleshooting Techniques

When your heater is less than 15 years old and cannot ignite, you should identify the issues before considering a heating replacement in Sidney, OH.

An air filter is necessary to maintain airflow. If your furnace doesn’t get sufficient airflow, it could shut off completely to avoid the possibility of causing damage. Although some filters claim to last for a long time, check the filter regularly to ensure that the dust build-up doesn’t overpower your furnace.

Solution: Our experts suggest changing your furnace’s filter at least once every month.

  • Check The Circuit Breakers

The most typical problem that causes problems with the furnace is when the circuit breaker that powers the furnace has been tripped. Even if you have a natural gas or propane furnace, you’ll have to examine the electrical source.

Solution: You can check manually whether the circuits are in the “ON” state. If the circuit breakers in your furnace remain in the “ON” position, and the furnace will not turn on, you likely have an electrical problem that you need to fix.

A malfunctioning thermostat is another frequent problem with furnaces in the colder seasons. If your thermostat has stopped functioning correctly, it won’t be able to accurately gauge the temperature inside your home, which can cause a poor heating system.

Solution: Reset the thermostat or change the batteries to solve the problem. Call our experienced heating installation expert in Sidney, OH, to examine the issue if this doesn’t work.

  • Check The Safety Switch

The safety switch is specifically designed to shut off the combustion process and the fan when the panel in the front is disconnected.

Solution: To replace your safety switch, you must switch off the gas furnace. Then, connect the wires from the new switch to the central gas furnace.

  • Draft Or Blower Issue

The furnace’s motor blasts the air out of the vent or chimney to ensure that the vent doesn’t get blocked. If it were, poisonous carbon monoxide would get back into your furnace and then leak into your living space.

Solution: If the motor for the draft isn’t working, call our expert.

  • Poor Or Frayed Wiring

Frayed wires, loose connections, and old wires could eventually cause your thermostat to lose connection to the AC or heating equipment.

Solution: Make sure the connections are secure and then replace any wires required or call our HVAC expert.

  • Gas Line Problems

The problem with your furnace could be due to issues with the gas line. Common natural gas problems include leaks, blocked gas lines, and malfunctioning gas valves.

Solution: If your gas line is not working, turn it back on. If the furnace cannot ignite after doing this, you should contact our HVAC expert to look for other possible issues.

Bottom Line

After you’ve completed all the steps above and your furnace is not working, you shouldn’t attempt another furnace troubleshooting method. If you are looking for a heating replacement in Sidney, OH, Burkett’s Heating & Cooling can assist. Call us at 937-773-8350 to fix an appointment.