Top 5 Reasons That Your AC Is Running Continuously

When the outdoor temperature rises, the AC system works day and night to maintain a low temperature indoors. Our air conditioning installation in Sydney, OH, recommend switching off the AC system for at least two hours to stop the AC system from overheating and protect your health.

What if you notice the AC system’s cooling cycles are running continuously? Your AC system needs a technician to find and resolve the issue that is causing the problem.

Reasons Why Your AC System Is Running Continuously

If you want to resolve the issue at home, you should understand the possible reasons that can cause the problem. DIY fixes can resolve some reasons, but others will require an AC replacement expert in Sidney, OH, to look into the issue.

Here Are The Following Reasons:

• Dirty Air Filter

Air filters are required in the AC system to clean the air and improve the airflow and air quality in the home. However, with time, the air filters get dirty.

The clogged air filter restricts the airflow, the compressor doesn’t get enough air to continue the cooling process, and the AC system runs continuously. It would help if you cleaned them weekly to avoid dust accumulation and long cooling cycles.

• Dirty Coils

Condenser and evaporator coils are vital components in the cooling process. These components are essential for heat transfer from the air to the outdoor environment. However, dust often accumulates over the coil surface, reducing the heat transfer rate.

When this happens, the indoors don’t get cool enough, and the AC system runs continuously to reach the desired temperature.

Use a brush and scrubber to clean the condenser coils. Dust off the surface with a brush and use dish-cleaning soap to clean the coils thoroughly.

• Extreme Heat And Humidity

Extreme heat and humidity sometimes cause the AC system to run continuously. If the indoors have high humidity, you should call our air conditioning installation expert in Sidney, OH, for a dehumidification service to balance the humidity levels.

Close all windows and doors to avoid indoor temperature fluctuations when the AC system is working. Moreover, use dark curtains to avoid increasing heat indoors.

• Blower Motor Issues

The blower motor powers the fan to blow cool air into the room. However, if the blower fan or motor malfunctions, the AC will have difficulty reaching the desired temperature and running continuously.

If there is an issue with the blower fan or motor, you should call our AC replacement in Piqua, OH, to inspect and replace the faulty components.

• Undersized AC System

When the AC system’s cooling capacity is less than the room’s cooling capacity, the AC system will run continuously to ensure each corner has the same desired temperature. That’s why you should consult our expert about the cooling capacity of the AC system according to your room before investing.

Bottom Line,

Sometimes, the AC system can run long cooling cycles and remain in good working order. However, if the problem persists, contact our air conditioning installation expert in Sidney, OH, to fix it before it worsens.

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