How Do You Know If Your Furnace Fuse Is Blown?

Are you having trouble switching on your furnace system? Have you tried replacing the air filter and resetting the thermostat settings? 

If no solution seems to re-ignite your furnace system, you might have blown a fuse in such a scenario. Heating installation experts can explain everything about blown fuses and how to fix them. You might need heating replacement experts in Piqua, OH, to replace the faulty component in the furnace.

Tips To Check Your Furnace Fuse

It only takes a few minutes of your time to check with the fairly simple process of checking your fuse

  •  Make sure to switch off all the electrical switches connected to your unit before moving forward. 
  • Check the main electrical panel or the sub-panel. 
  • A metal bar will occasionally run through the glass display window on some fuses. You can find the same wire in some plastic fuses, but you can see it from a side. 
  • When the wire is broken on either fuse, you can tell it has blown

Check Blown Fuse With a Multimeter

You might need to use your multimeter to see whether the fuses are blown. As you must be familiar, a multimeter is a tool used to measure resistance, voltage, and other electrical circuit variables. 

If the fuse is intact, there will be almost no resistance; otherwise, there will be no reading. You can quickly replace your furnace fuse once you check it. However, you must ensure that the wattage ratings are the same as before. It is better to call a heating replacement in Piqua, OH, for replacing or fixing the fuse

Reasons Why Your Furnace Fuse Keeps Blowing Again!

If you replace the fuse once and it blows again immediately, you have a much bigger issue that needs to be taken very seriously.

Before you take any further action, you must identify the source of the blown a fuse on the circuit board.

  • Too Much Strain

It is among the most frequent causes of blown furnace fuses. The furnace consumes a significant amount of electricity to operate, and your home might not be equipped to handle it, or there might be a shortage in the wiring.

  • Faulty Components

The blown furnace fuse can occasionally be merely a symptom of a much more serious problem with the furnace. A broken transformer or thermostat wire can often cause fuses that keep blowing.

Sometimes if the installed fuse is not of the right wattage, it can blow up. Calling a professional heating installation expert in Sidney, OH, is best to prevent massive damage due to minor mistakes, as the technician will replace the fuse with the right wattage. 

  • Water Leakage

Is it possible that the water in your furnace has been in contact with it frequently? It will undoubtedly blow if the fuse comes into contact with even a few drops of water from another source. Examine the vicinity of your furnace for any potential leaks.

Bottom Line,

It can be dangerous to repair a furnace fuse, especially if you lack prior knowledge or the necessary training. A small mistake can lead to more expensive problems in the future. 

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