Heating Installation Services in Piqua, OH

Your HVAC system may develop issues that require immediate attention as it ages. Occasionally however, repairs can not suffice for the troubles in your system, and you have to call a professional for a complete heating replacement in Piqua, OH.

Telltale Signs your Heating System needs Replacement

Follow the given signs to understand that the right time for replacement has come.

  • Trouble Starting the Device

When your heating system ages, it starts showing signs of wear and tear by taking time to turn on. There might be instances when your system will not turn on on the first try and require subsequent efforts. You can try restarting the system; if the issues persist, you need professional assistance.

  • High Electricity Costs

Do not overlook the rise in your utility bills. A high energy bill confirms that your system is either overworking or there is some fault in the connections hindering proper function. It could signify failing ductwork that loses heat and suffixes with overworking for long hours. Schedule an immediate inspection to know the cause and fix the issue.

  • Unreliable Heating Temperature

You will notice improper heating in your home due to a malfunctioning heater. Uneven heating, hot and cold spots, and fluctuating heating temperatures are the signs of a failing heating system that needs an inspection. If the repairs can not fix it, you need replacement.

  • Foul Odors

If you notice a lingering smell coming from your heating system, it might be due to insufficient combustion and a faulty exhaust. While you cannot smell carbon monoxide, it is still a sign of something unusual, so pay attention and call an expert.

  • Gas Leakage

Heating systems are based on fuel combustion to produce heat and when this gas leaks out of the system into your home, shut down the device immediately. Leave the house until the leak is fixed.

  • Unusual Noises

If you notice the sudden shift from a quiet and calm environment to constant buzzing, humming, and other noises from the system, it is time to check for signs of internal damage. There could be loosened connections, refrigerant leaks, broken parts, or other problems that require an immediate solution.

  • Recurring Repairs

You might think repairs are less expensive than entire system replacement. However, the situation reverses when repairs are needed repeatedly in a very short time. Especially if your system is older, know that repairs can not hold it for longer, so schedule a professional replacement and transit to a new system.

  • Yellow Pilot Light

In old furnaces, a pilot light is provided to indicate flame combustion. It means if the pilot light is blue, the combustion occurs in the presence of sufficient oxygen with no issues. However, if the light turns yellow, it is a sign of incomplete combustion due to lack of oxygen resulting in carbon monoxide release. The thermostat will not heat up properly, and your system will shut off eventually.

To Summarize,

Be careful while choosing an HVAC contractor for furnace installation in Piqua, OH. Don’t hesitate to search for online reviews and verify with prior clients. In Ohio, Burkett’s Heating & Cooling is one of the top reputed companies that can handle any of your repair and installation needs. Contact us today for a consultation.