4 Reasons Why your Furnace Keeps Blowing a Fuse

During the winter, a furnace or an energy-efficient alternative heat pump is vital to warm your home. If your furnace or heat pump keeps blowing fuses, you must immediately identify the source of the issue and have it fixed as soon as possible. Reaching out to Heating Repair Services in Sidney, OH, is essential to repair the issue.

Reasons Why Your Furnace Keeps Blowing Off The Fuse

Here are some potential reasons that can be the root cause of the problem:

1.Dust And Dirt

Nearly all your heater’s components will continuously acquire dirt, dust, and other debris if you are not vigilant about keeping it in perfect condition. Additionally, dust can accumulate in an air filter and eventually affect the blower motor.

If the motor is covered in debris, it may begin to overheat and finally burn out, which could lead to a broken high-limit switch. It won’t take long before the device trips a fuse and shuts off.

2. Electrical Shorts

One of the most important things to check when troubleshooting a furnace or heat pump is whether or not the device is receiving power. After a fuse blows, you almost always need to reset it. However, if the fuse keeps blowing and the circuit breaker trips, it’s frequently a sign that the heater’s wiring system has an electrical short.

You might need a heating repair expert in Sidney, OH, to inspect the heating system if the fuse keeps blowing.

3. Bad And Worn-Out Components

Parts of your furnace may consume more electricity as they age and are used more frequently; some may even malfunction or degrade. Call qualified experts to identify the damaged parts and replace them immediately. The odd noises that defective parts will make within your furnace may help you identify them. Some components that could have issues include:

  • Blower Motor: The motor can occasionally take too much power and result in shorts.
  • Transformer: To power the ignition, controls, and timers, the transformer converts the necessary voltage. When malfunctioning, this can short out your entire system.
  • Malfunctioning Fuse: A fuse may blow if the incorrect fuses are fitted in your furnace.
  • Improperly Working Valves: Gas furnaces have valves, and if a gas furnace valve can’t open and close freely, it will either overheat or not provide enough heat.

4. Unstable Wires

A short could result from unsecured or loose electrical wiring, which would urge the fuse to blow. Finding, repairing, or replacing anything on your own is challenging, and it is better to call heat pump repair in Piqua, OH, to replace the wires.

Can Early Maintenance Help Prevent The Furnace From Blowing UP?

In the spring and fall, you should complete heat pump or furnaces inspections to ensure all electrical wiring and connections are tight and secure. Frequent tune-ups and maintenance can stop minor to significant problems with your heating system, providing you peace of mind and the assurance you need to face the upcoming winter.

Bottom Line,

Experts will help you keep your furnace in top-class condition and assist in avoiding sudden breakdown situations.

Burkett’s Heating & Cooling technicians will help keep your furnace or heat pump in top condition with professional maintenance and repair services. Our top-rated technicians are committed to providing the comfort their customer deserves. Call (937) 773-8350 and schedule an appointment with a heat pump repair expert in Piqua, OH.