Should You Hit The Reset Button On Your Furnace?

A furnace system comes with a reset button, and its function is significant for safely heating your home and is designed to shut the unit off promptly. Whenever you feel the furnace is improperly functioning, the reset button can be extremely helpful in these stressful situations. 

Moreover, if the reset button on your furnace keeps tripping, your furnace is likely overheating. It could mean that you need immediate heating repair expert assistance in Piqua, OH

What Is A Furnace Reset Button?

A reset button is always there on all furnaces. They are found inside the blower compartment and are typically red or yellow. The reset button is a security measure that will turn the furnace off in case of a problem. It’s common for a furnace to need to be reset occasionally. However, the furnace should be examined by a repair professional if it frequently needs to be reset.

Guide To Resetting Your Electric Furnace System

The water heater installation experts in Sidney, OH, explain how you can reset an electric furnace:

  • First, shut off the circuit breaker in the box to cut off the furnace’s power supply.
  • To reset the furnace, find and press the reset button on the device. It is typically found on the side of the blower motor inside the blower compartment. Be careful because the surroundings and the surface might be warm.
  • Press the button and hold it for 30 seconds before releasing it. 
  • Wait about 5 minutes and switch on the power after putting the cover back on the blower compartment.

A Simple Way To Reset A Gas Furnace

The heating repair in Piqua, OH, explain a simple way to reset the furnace

  • Check if the pilot light is off.
  • As low as possible, lower the thermostat temperature setting.
  • Turn off the furnace’s power source by flipping the breaker in the circuit box.
  • While leaving the pilot gas supply line on, turn off the furnace’s primary gas supply.
  • Holding a lit match to the opening of the pilot flame jet will relight the pilot light.
  • Restart the main gas supply after turning the circuit breaker back on.
  • Raise the thermostat temperature by holding the reset button for about 30 seconds.

Key Reasons Why Your Furnace Reset Button Is Tripping Continuously

Here are some reasons why your furnace reset button trips frequently:

  • Blocked valves or vents
  • Overheating
  • Clogged air filters.
  • Dusty components

Bottom Line,

Keeping your home heated and your family safe demands regular furnace maintenance. If your heating system isn’t maintained, you might need a professional expert to check it out. 

Moreover, it’s time to tune your furnace if you face continuous reset button tripping issues. We at Burkett’s Heating & Cooling offer the best solution for such issues. 

You can rely on us to give your furnace the care and attention it needs because we have decades of experience in the HVAC industry. We also provide the best water heater installation service in Sidney, OH. Call (269) 428-2723 or (877) 494-9357, and our experts will help you resolve all your HVAC problems.