3 Things To Know If Your Furnace Is Leaking Water During The Summer

Furnace provides your family with heat during the winter. It is a hassle when your furnace leaks water. The leak can become severe depending on the circumstances. Water forming around the unit, however, should be taken seriously.

In most cases, there is either a leak, a drip, or an improper drain. You may easily fix a minor issue, but it may require extra care in some cases. Contact a heating repair service in Piqua, OH, to avoid major repairs. 

Three Things you Should Know If your Heating System Leaks Water During the Summer

  • Identifying the Cause

Identifying the cause of the leak is important before discussing solutions. One possible reason is condensation, which is common among high-efficiency furnaces. The pump may need to be repaired if the condensation line breaks, the condensation tubing is clogged, or any other possible issue arises. A gas furnace is the only thing that produces condensation.

It’s important to determine whether you have a standard-efficiency or high-efficiency furnace. Occasionally, furnace leaks can be caused by humidifier problems. The humidifier’s filter or drain can easily become clogged, causing any furnace to produce unwanted moisture. You need to call a furnace repair service in Piqua, OH, so a professional technician can assist you with the problem.

  • Notice a Leak Around your Furnace

Turning off your furnace as soon as you notice a leak is important. To turn off the furnace, turn off all the power switches and electrical breakers attached to the furnace, then the shut-off valve located on the gas line, and then turn off the thermostat. Ensure all excess water is mopped after disconnecting the gas and power to your furnace.

Check the furnace filter while addressing the source of the leak in your furnace. Furnace filters should be changed every three months, but if you experience any problems with your furnace, considering installing a new filter is a good idea. Maintaining furnace filters is essential to keep them from becoming clogged and causing unnecessary stress.

  • Calling a Professional Technician

You can try the basic troubleshooting guidelines, but if there is a serious problem, please get a qualified professional to look at it. You can incur many expenses if you overlook the water leakage issue.

As a result, your furnace will be damaged, mold will grow inside the home, wood will rot, and floors and carpets will become damaged. It is important to address leaks as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

To Sum Up

It is always a good idea to call your local HVAC partner if you are feeling overwhelmed and want peace of mind that your unit has been properly repaired. You can trust Burkett’s Heating and Cooling with any gas furnace repair or HVAC issue.

In an emergency, you can rely on HVAC technicians for gas or electric furnace repair and maintenance. Other HVAC services they offer include air conditioning repair and maintenance services. Stay warm this winter by calling (937) 773-8350. Contact us soon to learn more and take advantage of all our HVAC services.