What Are The Most Common AC Problems?

If you have an air conditioner system at home, your AC is bound to face several problems. As a professional service provider of AC repair in Sidney, OH, we advise you not to ignore any AC-related issues. In this blog, we will help you identify several HVAC problems that you should get fixed as soon as possible.

Most Common AC Problems

  • AC is not Working at All

If your AC suddenly stopped working in the middle of the day, the core reasons for such a mishap can be the compressor.

Even though a compressor is the most durable part of your system, it can break down due to excessive pressure, bad weather conditions, and so on. If you think the compressor is at fault here, contact a professional for AC repair in Sidney, OH.

  • The Air Filters are Excessively Dirty

Air filters are probably the ones that get the dirtiest in an air conditioner. The filters are responsible for removing dirt, dust, and harmful pollen from the indoor air.

Once these get dirty, the efficiency decreases, and the indoor air quality is compromised. At this point, it is better to opt for AC repair in Piqua, OH.

  • Water Leakage Keeps Happening

Water leakage is a common issue for which people call for AC repair in Piqua, OH, nowadays. It can happen inside and outside your home.

A cracked water pan or broken water pipe can be the culprit here. Sometimes, frozen evaporator coils can cause water leakage from your AC. If you ignore such a problem, you may face extensive issues in the future.

  • The Refrigerant Level is Low

Refrigerant is what keeps your room cool and comfortable. Without the appropriate refrigerant, your AC will not perform at its peak efficiency.

Sometimes, if your unit develops leaks, the refrigerant level gets lower than usual within a minimum time. Such a problem can only be addressed by a professional technician for AC repair in Sidney, OH. Fixing such leaks and refilling refrigerants are the expert’s jobs.

  • Leaks in the Ducts

Ducts are responsible for carrying cool and comfortable air across your rooms in the house. If the ducts develop any leak, the cooled air gets trapped in that ductwork, and in turn, your AC has to work harder than usual.

As a result, your energy cost increases, and your system efficiency decreases. Contact an expert AC repair in Sidney, OH, immediately to address the issue.


These are some of the most AC-related problems that require immediate attention. The more you neglect, the more expensive repair work gets, and your AC will lose capacity. Remember, one problem leads to another if not treated in time.

To mitigate such problems, choose a reliable team for AC repair in Piqua, OHBurkett’s Heating & Cooling. We rely on our extensive service. Trust our expertise, and you will never have to worry about your HVAC system. Call us at (937) 773-8350 and schedule a service with us.