Tips To Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioner

When it comes to cooling homes, there are many things owners can do to ensure that the AC is working efficiently. If the AC is not functioning adequately, maintenance and AC replacement in Sidney, OH, can help the owners enhance their air conditioner’s performance.

Homeowners should understand the parts of their AC unit and what repairs they might need. It is essential to maintain your AC unit regularly. Listed below are seven points owners must remember if they want to extend and enhance the life of their unit.

Tips To Follow To Extend the Life of Your AC Unit

An air conditioner generally lasts 15 years; however, this can be extended with proper care and use. You can keep your air conditioner running for a long time by following these tips:

• Use A Smart Thermostat.
The system can be configured only to operate while you are at home. You can set the thermostat to a high setting when you are home and a low setting when you are away. As a result, it only turns on when you need it. The appliance lifespan will significantly lengthen, and as a result, the need for AC replacement Piqua, OH, will be lessened.

• Professionals Can Help With Routine Maintenance.

Even if your air conditioning system only needs a little maintenance, getting it inspected and tune-up at least once a year is vital. Routine maintenance is the easiest way to identify and address possible concerns before they escalate.

Consistent care taken during air conditioning installation in Sidney, OH, significantly influences the condition and longevity of the unit.

• Clean The Condenser.

The condenser is one of the essential components of your air conditioner since it cools the air. But because it’s outside, it may also become the most contaminated. Check it frequently to ensure your condenser is free of debris, such as leaves and brush.

• Examine The Ducts.

Uncomfortable conditions might result from dirty air ducts blocking the entry of cool, clean air into your house. The cold air cannot get through when the air ducts are clogged with dirt and debris. With a yearly duct cleaning, your home’s air quality and air conditioner’s effectiveness will both increase.

• Proper Air Circulation.

Ensuring adequate airflow reduces the effort and provides the effectiveness of the HVAC system—better ventilation and airflow in your space, depending on proper circulation.

• Give It A Break.

Constantly running the system is not recommended, as the unit will become overworked. On warm days, thick draperies and ceiling fans can lower the temperature. Using various cooling techniques during the summer may reduce the cost of your air conditioner.

• Replace Dirty Air Filters.
Dirty filters obstruct airflow and force the unit to work harder, resulting in decreased efficiency and malfunction. Change your filters every one to three months instead, especially if you have pets or asthma. This will not only enhance your air conditioner’s efficiency but also extend your system’s life.

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