The 3 Most Common Heat Pump Installation Mistakes

A heat pump can heat your home in winter and cool it off during summer. Speaking from experience, our heat pump installation experts in Sidney suggest that this particular system is more complicated to set up than most people think. This is due to its many moving components. If you aren’t equipped with HVAC knowledge and training, attempting to install a heat pump system yourself is not recommended.

3 Common Heat Pump Installation Mistakes

There are three mistakes commonly made during installation that you must know about.

If your heater isn’t sized correctly for your home, there’ll be consequences. A heat pump that is too big will experience rapid cycling, which puts excessive strain on the blower motor, which increases your energy bills. In contrast, a heat pump that isn’t big enough will have to run all day long to accommodate your cooling and heating needs.

In the end, it will cause more expense in repairs. The pressure on the system will make the heat pump more susceptible to failure before it is at its average life span. Selecting the appropriate size heat pump isn’t just a guessing game. Our heat pump service expert in Sidney, OH, will evaluate the condition of your home and HVAC system before suggesting a size for your heat pump

  • Low Refrigerant In The System


A common and frequent error that heat pump installation technicians make is not putting in enough refrigerant. If the refrigerant concentration is insufficient or you select the wrong mix when installing your heat pump, it will not efficiently cool your home and could damage the equipment. Along with creating issues with performance, the loss of refrigerant can cause ice formation over the coils.

Check for leaks in the seals between the refrigerant lines and other system components. A lot of refrigerants can be just as harmful as having too little. The excess refrigerant could cause problems with performance and could cause serious damage to the compressor. Only licensed and certified technicians are equipped with the knowledge needed to handle refrigerants safely during heat pump installation in Sidney.

If the ducts that transport air in and out of your heating and cooling system are small, then your HVAC system will have to work harder, consume more energy, and be unable to cool or heat your home as efficiently. However, when the ducts are too big, then your HVAC system will be able to cycle repeatedly inefficiently, which can cause premature wear and tear. 

The leaky ductwork allows for humid air from outside your home, which can cause the growth of mold and condensation. A heating and cooling system should have good airflow to function optimally. Unexperienced HVAC technicians can sometimes miss this component, but this error can ultimately cost you.


Select a reputable installer for your new heating system. Be sure the company you choose to work with has an appropriate license and insurance. 

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