Can A Bad Thermostat Cause AC Not To Cool?

Air conditioning systems are a vital appliance of every house as it helps maintain the temperature in summer. A thermostat is an essential component in the AC system assembly as it helps to control the AC system.

A thermostat is a remote control that detects the indoor temperature and commands the AC system to work to reach the desired temperature. If the thermostat starts to malfunction, it can cause the AC system to work improperly. You should call our AC repair expert in Piqua, OH, to replace the thermostat.

Signs That Your Thermostat Is Malfunctioning

If you want to know whether your thermostat is the problem, here’s how you can learn:

1. The AC system’s cooling cycle runs continuously.
2. The AC system does not turn on or off.
3. You have to adjust the thermostat temperature to maintain comfort constantly.
4. There is a blank screen on the programmable thermostat.
5. You have a hard time starting the AC system.
6. The AC system does not respond to changes made in the thermostat.

All these signs indicate that you need to contact our air conditioning installation in Sidney, OH, to replace the thermostat or repair it.

Reasons Why Your Thermostat Is Malfunctioning!

Here are some reasons why you’re thermostat malfunctions and some tips to fix the issue:

• Wiring Issue

The wires connect the AC system and thermostat. If there is an issue with the electrical connections, the instruction the thermostat gives to the AC system might not reach there correctly. Like if there is a loose wire, the thermostat might not switch on the AC system when you start the AC system.

Repairing an electrical issue can be dangerous if you do not have previous experience. It is better to call our AC repair expert in Piqua, OH, to fix the problem.

• Old Thermostat

The thermostat components and connection wear down with time. If you see the markings disappearing and have to click a button several times to lower the temperature, it is a sign you need to replace the AC system.

• Dirt And Debris On The Thermostat

The dust and dirt settle on the thermostat and can cause a problem if you are not a fan of cleaning. When the dust settles on the thermostat, it cannot detect the indoor temperature properly, and the AC system delivers less cool air. Take a clean cloth and try to clean the thermostat.

• New Batteries

A set of the battery can quickly drain off, and the thermostat may not run appropriately if the batteries are drained. Our AC repair experts in Piqua, OH, recommend using the new batteries at the beginning of the season to avoid issues.

Bottom Line,

If you have an old thermostat, investing in a new programmable thermostat is better to maximize savings and comfort. A new thermostat with innovative features will help you save your temperature settings.

If you are interested in installing a smart thermostat or repairing your old thermostat, call Burkett’s Heating and Cooling experts. We provide all the HVAC services at affordable rates. Call 937-773-8350 to schedule a service with our AC installation expert in Piqua, OH, today!