Air Conditioning Mistakes That Raise Your Bills

As the temperature rises, many homeowners rush to turn on their air conditioning units to beat the heat. However, while air conditioning systems provide much-needed relief from the scorching heat, they can lead to skyrocketing electricity bills if not used correctly. Making simple mistakes when it comes to air conditioning can lead to inefficient performance and costly repairs.

As a leading provider of AC repair in Sidney, OH, and the surrounding areas, Burkett’s Heating & Cooling knows firsthand the importance of using air conditioning units efficiently. In this blog post, we will discuss six common air conditioning mistakes that raise your bills and how to avoid them.

• Installing the Wrong Sized Unit

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when installing an air conditioning unit is choosing the wrong size. Choosing a unit that is too small for your home will lead to it working harder than it should, leading to high energy bills and a shorter lifespan.

On the other hand, choosing a unit that is too large for your home can lead to unnecessary energy consumption and higher bills.

Have our professional assess your home and recommend the appropriate unit size based on your needs. Schedule your AC installation in Piqua, OH, with us today. Our equipped and knowledgeable technicians will guide you to ensure a suitable fit.

• Setting the Thermostat Too Low

Many homeowners believe setting their thermostats to the lowest possible temperature will cool their homes faster. However, this is not the case. Setting the thermostat too low only forces the air conditioning unit to work harder than necessary, leading to higher energy bills.

Set your thermostat at a comfortable temperature, ideally between 72 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit, and leave it there. This will allow your air conditioning unit to work efficiently and keep your home comfortable.

• Neglecting Regular Maintenance

Another common mistake that homeowners make is neglecting regular air conditioning unit maintenance. Dirty air filters, clogged condenser coils, and other issues can cause your unit to work inefficiently, leading to higher energy bills and costly repairs.

It is recommended to schedule regular maintenance appointments with our professional AC repair technician twice a year.

Our professional technician will inspect your unit, clean the filters and coils, and make necessary repairs to ensure it works efficiently. If you’re in Sidney, OH, contact Burkett’s Heating & Cooling for reliable, detailed AC repair and maintenance.

• Blocking the Vents

Another mistake that many homeowners make is blocking the vents in their homes. Blocking vents can prevent proper airflow, causing your air conditioning unit to work harder than necessary.

Make sure that all vents are unobstructed and that air can flow freely throughout your home. This will ensure that your air conditioning unit works efficiently and keeps your home comfortable.

• Running the Unit All Day

Leaving your air conditioning unit running all day can lead to unnecessary energy consumption and higher bills. While it is essential to keep your home comfortable, running the unit all day can lead to inefficiency and higher costs.

Instead, use a programmable thermostat to set your air conditioning unit to turn on and off at specific times. This will allow you to keep your home comfortable while saving money on your energy bills.

• Ignoring Signs of Problems

Finally, ignoring signs of problems with your air conditioning unit can lead to costly repairs and higher bills. If you notice unusual noises, weak airflow, or other issues with your unit, it is essential to address them promptly. 

If you live in the area, contact our professional HVAC technicians at Burkett’s Heating & Cooling for professional AC repair in Piqua, OH.

If you are experiencing issues with your air conditioning unit or are interested in upgrading to a more efficient unit, contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our professionals. 

Our team will work with you to find the right solution for your home and ensure that your air conditioning unit is working efficiently and effectively.